Security Systems


A recent Government study shows that over 50% of businesses within the UK are affected by crime annually, namely from burglaries. The cost of this is staggering, over £5Bn.

  • CCTV helps as a deterrent to deter thieves
  • CCTV provides evidence to secure prosecutions for Police
  • CCTV’s can be viewed remotely and accessed anywhere with wifi from PC’s, Tablet’s & Smart Phones

Clearwater can design & install CCTV systems to match your requirements to suit your budget. We have experience of installations from domestic, commercial, industrial and hazardous area locations.

Intruder Alarms

Having an alarm system installed in your home or business can help reduce the risk of a burglary. In a study that conducted interviews with convicted criminals, nine out of ten intruders said they would avoid premises that had an alarm system in place. Another way you can deter intruders is by displaying an easy-to-see sign. Remember, intruders can spot a dummy yard sign or sounder beacon, so don't assume it can protect your premises as well as an alarm system

Benefits of having an intruder alarm system –

Clearwater can protect you 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. We can install systems to meet the requirements of both residential & commercial properties.